Who am I: Engineer

I like to keep busy, see my family and friends, cycle, run and swim. I exercise to socialise. I spend more time socialising than exercising if I am honest! I hate wasting my weekend so you’ll always find me out and about doing something, ideally by the water.


I love to travel often. I have lived abroad in London but even there I spent most of my time travelling. My last overseas trip was to Italy where I went with friends to explore, cycle and eat. I really liked Cinque Terre – the little villages are beautiful and there are lots of walking paths with great views.


I’ve visited most countries. I really liked Central Siberia Lake Baikal, it was a gorgeous small fishing village and really quiet with amazing seafood. I’ve got a few other favourites, like Chefchaouen in Morocco and Lake Bled in Slovenia. Basically, anywhere that is small and quiet, by water with interesting culture and food.


My next challenge might be a puppy… but they are like people, HARD WORK!